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To discuss the topic above first everyone know about the Nuclear weapons so the question is that what are nuclear weapons and what is their purposes??So Nuclear weapons are those devices which are annihilated for all type of Human beings as well as living organism in no time factors because these are able to destroy whole world in within seconds.Alexa had previously dated actor Alex Turner from 2007 to 2011. Alexander has grabbed a nomination for the Emmy award for the best supporting actor for his often naked but liberating role of Perry in ‘Big Little Lies’.Alexa, on the other hand, has launched her own fashion line which keeps her busy.France is a beautiful country in the world which is officially known as French republic so this country has also about 67 million populations; its capital is Paris which is also most beautiful, largest and cultural centre of the world so far this country is known as cultural as well as defense dominant country in Europe.

After Alexander Skarsgard’s blind date, it is clear that Alexander and Alexa are no more a couple. Though their love life may not be going strong, they definitely are busy and progressing at their work front.

so the question is here that then why countries have made nuclear weapons because in actual state these are form of destructive material???

So the answer of this question is that these are also helpful for the mankind but in such cases if these are used for the benefit of the mankind because these are able to produce energy for the country or some countries made these weapons for the defense of their country, interesting to know that these weapons are only used by Americans in Second World War on the People of Japan then there effects are still now in that areas.

So here is the list of Top ten Countries with Most Nuclear weapons in the world.

Iran is not a Nuclear power country because there is only a single Islamic country in the world which is considered as Nuclear power but few years early it was reported that Iran has made few Nuclear or chemical weapons for their country, So the Islamic Republic of Iran has now signed the treaty with America for the destruction of the Nuclear weapons because it is been reported that more than 1, 00,000 people were victims during the war of Iran and Iraq.