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To see them in mpd clients we need to progress development on a mpd interface plugin here: https://github.com/volumio/Volumio2/tree/master/app/plugins/user_interface/mpdemulation Is anyone willing to help?

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As for the guys, here’s who I’m pretty certain will be on the show: Robby Hayes: Will absolutely be part of the original cast.He’s basically been planning this ever since last year.The five are: Corinne: Hell, she doesn’t even hide the fact in her Snap stories as she’s constantly with him.It’s some guy apparently she’s known since high school and it’s the worst kept secret ever. Kristina: This is probably the most interesting one, and f***ed up one to be honest, because Kristina has been dating Jef Holm for a few months now. For some crazy ass reason, I’ve been craving Benihana’s for like a month. I get the beating heart rice, the smoking volcano, and the choo choo train tonight. Nicholas and Olivia have never been there and I’m sure will hate it. But I’m excited for my Benihana Trio which is basically making me salivate as we speak. And since they don’t eat anything besides pizza, burgers, and mac-n-cheese, they might have some slim pickings over what they’ll be eating tonight.

So you’ll see tons of comings and goings over the next few weeks since close to 30 or so contestants will appear at some point or another on the show.

There will definitely be former contestants in attendance at this wedding that you’ll probably see at the airport or snapping “packing” pics in a few weeks that you may think are leaving to Mexico to be on Paradise, but they’d just be people attending Evan and Carly’s wedding.

-The two seasons that will be most represented on Paradise will be the two most recent seasons: Nick’s girls and Rachel’s guys.

Remember that thing that came down a month ago regarding him possibly dating some girl from “Are You the One?

” Yeah, well that all happened while he was basically hooking up with Sarah Vendal.