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Various studies attributed normal function for peripheral blood (PB) T cells, homozygous for the CCR5-32 mutation.Besides, no clinical abnormalities have been observed to be associated with this genotype (8).The highest frequency of heterozygous individuals (&.6) was reported in Finland from Europe.While increasing HIV prevalence in parts of Asia and Africa may be attributed to social and demographic factors, as well as differences in the phenotype of circulating viruses (26).We found 523 homozygous for the wild-type CCR5 allele from 530 mononuclear cells of normal Iranian population from various provinces, 6 heterozygous for the CCR5Δ32 allele, giving a CCR5-Δ32 allelic frequency of 1.1% and only one homozygous genotype for the Δ32/Δ32 allele ( The description of natural CCR5 polymorphisms in human populations is an approach to identify immunologic and genetic factors implicated in innate resistance to HIV-1 infection and in the delay of progression to AIDS (3).In a study by Martinson et al., it was reported that CCR5-Δ32 allele frequency was quite high in North European populations, but it reduced while moving toward the south and east of Europe and almost it becomes rare in Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, or West Asia (28).

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(Corresponding author) Professor of Department of Medical Biotechnology, Faculty of Allied Medicine & Cellular and Molecular Research Center, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran & Alborz Food & Drug Laboratory, Fardis, Karaj, Alborz, Iran.Genetic retardation of HIV progression could introduce new cellular targets for anti-HIV therapy that completes the current available antiretroviral compounds.Different inhibitors designed for blocking the CCR5 chemokine receptor have shown relatively high protective effect in HIV infection (13).None of the co-receptor gene in HIV cases was found to be mutated in this study.Conclusion: Based on the findings of this study and the literature in Iran, we could conclude that Iranian people similar to neighbor countries such as Arabs are susceptible to HIV virus infection.This target age had the highest prevalence of HIV-1 and AIDS infections in the country.