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Updating gridview in asp net

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So, you have a Grid View or Details View that has standard “Edit” “Update” “New” type command buttons on them.The way they get there is by having the declaration something like this: What you want is to say something like: “I only want admin’s to be able to add new rows so want to hide the “new” button based on that” So, first thing is to convert the field to a template from the following menu.They are enabled only when the Grid View enters edit mode.This way you save screen space otherwise occupied by Edit, Update and Cancel column.Instead double clicking on a row takes the Grid View in edit mode.There are two buttons at the top - Update and Cancel - that are common for all the rows of the Grid View.

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First of all we will create a table Users CREATE TABLE [Users]( [User ID] [int] IDENTITY(100,1) NOT NULL, [User Name] [varchar](50) NULL, [Address] [varchar](100) NULL, [City] [varchar](50) NULL, [State] [varchar](50) NULL, CONSTRAINT [PK_Users] PRIMARY KEY ([User ID]) ) Some points which you need to understand, in Modal Popup Extender we used Behavior ID which will help to find the modal popup and close it.

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In order to implement this trick you need to understand how the Grid View control updates its data.

If you see the HTML source of a Grid View once it is rendered in the browser you will find the following for Edit, Update and Cancel Link Buttons.